Charlene K Turquoise Collection for the Holidays!

The holiday season calls for lovely turquoise!
Turquoise is a greenish blue, opaque, semiprecious stone that has been a favorite of jewelers and jewelry lovers since the 16th century. In the olden days, it was worn only by rulers, notably by the ancient Egyptian pharaohs, Aztecs kings, and Chinese emperors. This was thought to be a magical gemstone and a powerful amulet.

For this holiday season, give your loved ones the gift of a beautiful, mystical, and uniquely luxurious turquoise jewelry from Charlene K. A matching earrings, necklace, and cuff set will not only be eye-catching but will add undefinable charm to any get up. Or choose from our array of turquoise jewelry pieces and come up with your own glamorous style. What a perfect gift to your loved ones! And to yourself?

Charlene k turquoise collection
Charlene k turquoise collection

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