BEHIND THE SCENES – Maria Canals-Barrera

More than likely, you probably know Maria Canals-Barrera from her role on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place. Since then, she’s transitioned to another comedic role on ABC’s Cristela. Cristela, the series, is loosely based on Cristela Alonzo’s life as a comedian. Six years into law school, Cristela is on the brink of landing her first big internship at a prestigious firm. The only thing standing between her and success, seems to be her traditional Mexican-American family.

Her family isn’t too happy with her decisions and they find her lofty career aspirations as going away from family traditions. She finds herself with one foot in the old culture that she’s working to bring into the present at home and the other in the modern world that she wants to embrace in her professional career. Cristela finds the path to the American dream not as simple, but it is full of laughter. Crystal’s sister is played by Maria Canals-Barrera, who tries her best to help our Cristela. And she has a lot to deal with, including her kids her husband. If you love comedy and want to laugh, this is the show to watch! 

During the behind the scenes video, for our current Fall TV issue, Maria Canals-Barrera shares her favorite moments from her fashion photoshoot. She wore beautiful dresses from designer, Bianca Nero. What a fun shoot! If you’d like to keep up with Maria Canalas-Barrera on Cristela and other projects she has coming, please follow her on Twitter: @Maria_CB


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